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Service & Support / Ghaziabad

Have you bought or plan to buy a Primebook laptop and live in Ghaziabad? If so, one significant question that’s bound to arise here is – Where can you find the Primebook service center in Ghaziabad, and how can you connect with their concerned team?

As Primebook laptops are electronic gadgets, they may occasionally require repairs, software fixes, and part replacements to function smoothly for a longer span. That’s why these laptops hold a one-year warranty policy, encompassing a free pick-and-drop service in Ghaziabad.  

If you search on Google for “laptop repairs near me” or “laptop service centers in Ghaziabad”, several options will appear. However, those options might not offer an authentic service like our core team and may even charge unnecessarily for their service. 

This is where Primebook’s free pick-and-drop facility in Ghaziabad becomes vital for your Primebook repair and maintenance. All Primebook products are eligible for this free pick-and-drop service in Ghaziabad. To get this service, simply raise a request by navigating through the following buttons.

Steps Involved In Our Pick and Drop Service in Ghaziabad: 

  1. At the time of raising the service request, state your name, your exact location in Ghaziabad, the Primebook’s model number, and all the problems you are experiencing with the laptop. 

  2. Our customer support team will hereby reach out to you and give some troubleshooting steps. Kindly follow the given instructions carefully. 

  3. If the issues remain unresolved even after troubleshooting the laptop, our team will further contact you to schedule the pick-up from your Ghaziabad address following your availability.  

  4. After pick-up, when your laptop comes to our warehouse and the repair starts, our team will keep communicating with you regarding the repair progress. You can also inquire about the repair status by texting us on the same number. 

  5. After the repair is completed, our support team will contact you to schedule the drop-off service following your favorable date and time. 

Please Note: Primebook’s free pick-and-drop service in Ghaziabad is applicable only during the warranty period of one year that starts from the date of laptop purchase.

Cases Where Our Free Pick-and-Drop Service is Not Applicable: 

1. Our free pick-and-drop service in Ghaziabad does not apply to any products apart from Primebook. 

2. This free pick-and-drop service in Ghaziabad is not valid once your laptop’s warranty expires. 

3. If your Primebook is out of warranty and yet requires repairs or part replacements, we will charge for the service. Our team will notify you regarding the estimated charges only after inspecting the necessary laptop fixes.

4. Primebook’s warranty policy, comprising the free pick-and-drop service, is nonapplicable in case of any physical damage to the laptop by humans or due to natural calamities, improper use, exposure to extreme temperatures, water-logging, or the act of god.