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Service & Support / Patna

Do you live in Patna and purchased or plan to purchase a Primebook laptop? Hereby, one question that will inevitably strike you is: Where is the Primebook service center based in Patna, and how can you reach out to their concerned team? 

Primebook, as a tech gadget, might need occasional repairs, replacement, or servicing to serve with a seamless performance for a longer time! That’s why these laptops hold a one-year warranty provision, comprising a free pick-and-drop service in Patna. 

Looking for “laptop repairs near me” or “laptop repairing service in Patna” on Google can give you several options. However, those services may not be as accurate as the service provided by Primebook’s in-house technicians, and may even charge for their service unnecessarily. 

Hence, Primebook brings a free pick-and-drop service in Patna and assists in your laptop repairs and maintenance. This pick-and-drop service in Patna stands valid for all Primebook products! To avail of it, leave a request by navigating via either of the below-given tabs.


Steps Involved in Primebook’s Pick and Drop Repair Service in Patna:  

  • When submitting the service request, specify the exact issues with your Primebook, the laptop’s model number, your name, and your address in Patna. 

  • Then, our customer support team will call or text you and give you some troubleshooting instructions. Your job is to listen and follow them carefully. 

  • In case the issues in your laptop don’t get solved after troubleshooting, the team will schedule the pick-up service according to your availability. 

  • Once the laptop is collected and the repair begins, you will keep getting repair updates from our team. If you want to check on the repair status, send a WhatsApp text to our given number. 

  • After our team completes your laptop repair, we shall contact you to schedule the drop-off service as per your suitable date and time. 

Please Note: Our free pick-and-drop repair service in Patna is available only during the one-year warranty period, which starts from the date of your laptop purchase.

Cases Where Our Free Pick-and-Drop Service is Not Applicable: 

1. Primebook’s pick-and-drop service in Patna does not apply to any laptop brand except Primebook.  

2. This free pick-and-drop service in Patna goes invalid immediately as your warranty period expires. 

3. If your laptop warranty ends, but a replacement or repair is necessary to resolve your Primebook issues, you must pay a service charge! The estimated charge for this service will be communicated to you only after our team conducts a thorough laptop assessment. 

4. For physical damages to your laptop occurring from improper use, unauthorized access, waterlogging, thunderstorms, lightning, or other natural calamities, Primebook’s warranty, including the pick-and-drop service, becomes null and void.