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Service & Support / Ranchi

Do you reside in Ranchi and purchased or planning to purchase a Primebook laptop? Then, one question will inevitably come to your mind: Where to find the Primebook service center in Ranchi, and how to reach out to their concerned team?  

Like any other electronic gadget, Primebook laptops also might require intermittent repairs, servicing, or part replacement. That is why Primebook laptops hold a warranty of 1-year that even includes a free and convenient pick-and-drop service in Ranchi. 

No wonder you can see multiple search results on the web when surfing for “laptop repair service near me” or “laptop replacement service near in Ranchi”. However, those services may not serve you with an authentic repair as our in-house technicians at Primebook, and may also demand an unnecessary service charge.  

Therefore, Primebook’s free pick-and-drop service in Ranchi emerges to offer the quick initiation of your Primebook repair process. This pick-and-drop service in Ranchi is valid for all Primebook products! If and when this service is required, you can submit your request by navigating via the following buttons.

What Steps Does Our Pick and Drop Repair Service in Ranchi Encompass?

  • The initial step is to raise the service request, where you must state the problems you identified with your Primebook, the laptop’s model number, your name, and your location in Ranchi. 

  • Next, our customer service team will text or call you to troubleshoot the Primebook laptop. So, follow each troubleshooting step just as they instruct you!  

  • If the issues within your laptop don’t get solved over calls or chat, our team will move ahead with the pick-up schedule, depending on the date and time you give us! 

  • Once your laptop is picked up and brought to our warehouse, the repairs will begin. Throughout this process, we shall give you the status updates. Still, if you want to track the repair progress, contact us at our given number. 

  • After the Primebook repair is complete, you will get a text or call to schedule the drop-off, following the time slot you confirm. 

Please Note: Our free pick-and-drop repair service in Ranchi is available only during the warranty period, which is one year from the date of your laptop purchase. 

Cases Where Our Free Pick-and-Drop Service is Not Applicable: 

1. Our pick-and-drop service in Ranchi stands non-applicable for any products leaving Primebook. 

2. This free pick-and-drop service in Ranchi won’t be available after your Primebook warranty expires.  

3. While your Primebook’s warranty expires and the laptop needs repairs, you would have to pay the service charges! Our team will notify you regarding the estimated service charges only after inspecting the laptop and identifying the necessary fixes.

4. In case of any physical damage to your Primebook that emerges from reckless or improper laptop use, unofficial access, subject to volatile temperatures, thunderstorms, and others, the warranty would stand null and void.