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Service & Support / Delhi

Bought or plan to buy a Primebook laptop and live in Delhi? Here, one question that’s likely to strike you is – Where is the Primebook service center, and how can you connect with the concerned team?  

Being an electronic device, your Primebook laptop may need repairs, battery replacement, or occasional maintenance to keep it running smoothly for a long. That’s precisely why Primebook offers a 1-year warranty policy that includes a free pick-and-drop service in Delhi.  

If you search for “laptop repair service near me” or “laptop service centers in Delhi” on Google, multiple options will come up! But they may not provide you with an authentic service like our core technicians and even charge for their service. 

This is where Primebook’s pick-and-drop service in Delhi becomes vital for your Primebook repair and maintenance. We offer a 1-year warranty on each of our products, covering the free pick-and-drop provision for any hardware or software issue you experience on the laptop. To avail of it, request your Primebook pick-and-drop in Delhi by contacting us via the below-given buttons.

Steps to Follow for Primebook Pick and Drop Service in Delhi: 

  • When requesting the service, mention your name, Primebook model number, exact address in Delhi, and a brief about the issue you’re facing with the laptop.    

  • Our customer support team will reach out to you as soon as possible and guide you with some troubleshooting instructions to fix the issue right away. Make sure you follow them precisely.  

  • If the issue can’t be resolved over chat or call, our team will schedule a pick-up service from your location in Delhi at your convenient date and time.  

  • After pick-up, our team will share the repair update via WhatsApp or call. You can feel free to text us on the same number to get a progress status. 

  • After completion of the repair service, our team will again contact you to schedule the drop-off. 

Please Note: Our free pick-and-drop repair service in Delhi is available only during the warranty period, which is one year from the date of your laptop purchase. 

Cases Where Our Free Pick-and-Drop Service in Delhi is Not Applicable: 

1. Our free pick-and-drop service in Delhi does not apply to any products apart from Primebook. 

2. The free pick-and-drop service stands non-applicable if your warranty of one year expires. 

3. In case, Primebook is out of warranty, and a repair or replacement of a part is required, service will be chargeable. Our team will notify you of the estimated service charge only after assessing your laptop fixes. 

4. You cannot claim the Primebook warranty if there’s physical damage by humans, natural calamities, improper use, exposure to extreme temperatures, and water-logging.